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U.G. - Articles

 User's Guide - Articles

The Articles section allows you to submit new articles for publishing to our website. You can submit articles about events, inspirational stories, something that happened in your life that helped you and could help someone else going through the same thing, suggestions on child rearing, stories about pets, or even funny things that have happened in your life. Click Here to see some of our published articles.

Note:  It is always a good idea to type out your article in a word document program such as Note Pad, Word Pad, etc. before putting it online. That way, you can correct any typing errors and make any additions or corrections or anything else that needs to be done before publishing. It also helps when after you get done typing to set it aside for a few minutes, go do something else to clear your mind and then come back and pretend to be the reader and consider how others will receive the message in your article. 

Remember: The articles plug-in does not have a spell checker, so typing your article in advance is very important. Should you need help with your spelling click here.

Should the article that you submitted need editing/fixing, please   contact us and choose "Article Needs Fixing" and send us the entire corrected article with the HTML coding and we will delete the old and replace it with the correct new version that you send us. This is another reason for typing the article in advance and not directly into the articles section. You will also need to contact us if you need an article deleted. On the "contact us" form, please include your "Security Identifier Word/Number" that you used when you registered. This is for security purposes.

In order to add an article, you will need to login to your User Control Panel and click on the Articles icon that is circled in this image:

After clicking the Articles icon, you will see text that looks like this:


Now click on the "Submit a new article" and you will see text like this:

Topic: This is where you can choose from one of our categories in which your article can be displayed. Please let us know if you need us to add any additional article topics that better fit your article criteria.

Title/headline: This is what is viewable before clicking to read the actual details of the article. Please keep this limited to no more than a few words. The title should be clear, descriptive, and relevant to the article. Max. number of characters is 150. This underlined text is 150 characters:

Take life at the rate you can handle.  When a week is too much, try getting through today. If today is too much, then just this hour or even a minute.

Obviously, you don't want to use a quote as a title, that's just to show how long a title can be for a story.

Click Here for help with counting the number of characters.

Short text: This should be a brief summary or the first few sentences of the article that will interest the reader into wanting to click on the "read more". There is no character counter for the "Short Text", however, the Articles plug-in will not allow you to put your whole article in this area. You will have to put the larger part of the article in the "Extended text" or it won't let you submit the article. The Short Text will also not accept any HTML coding.

Extended text: This is where you will enter the full article. On the right side of the page, where you are entering your article, there is some HTML coding listed that will help make your article be more interesting or easier to read. This also allows you to create HTML coding that you can link to your business listing or any other listing that you want to make. This means if you want to do a "Spotlight Light" about one of your listings, you can do so and then add a link to that listing. The Extended Text is the only area that will accept HTML coding. To learn more on how to use these codings, please visit our sister website by  clicking here. The coding in the Articles plug-in appears similar to this when you are typing it:

Use the following codes to apply formatting to your article:

Make text appear bold

Make text appear italicized

Make text appear underlined

Retain spacing/formatting of text

Insert an image

Insert a hyperlink

[QUOTE]Quoted text[/QUOTE]
Quote text from another message

Create a bulleted list; use [*] for each bullet

Image (Optional): If you want to add an image to your article, this is where you can do that. It can be a picture of the author of the article or the article subject matter, but not anything that is obsene or that has any nudity. Remember, this a family friendly website. It is important to check the size of your graphic before uploading. You will need to keep the size of the graphic under 341.8 KB or it won't upload. Generally, if your graphic is less than 200 pixels wide, it should upload without any problem. If you are not sure what the size of your graphic is, please visit our sister website by clicking here to learn how to find out the size. Please don't write articles and use graphics that are meant to be hurtful or cause harm. 

When you have finished creating your article, click the 'Submit Article' button at the bottom. Once you have submitted an article, you will then see it listed in your "User Control Panel" when you return to the Articles section. After it has been approved by the website administrator, you will then see it online on the  "Articles by You" page. 

To see more articles, please check out our   Articles Zone.

If you have questions, please   contact us.

Copyright 2018, FallonFun.com

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