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U.G. - Private Messaging

 User's Guide - P rivate Messaging
This feature gives you the ability to send private messages to other members of our website. This does not include contacting anyone in the Business Directory. That feature has its own e-mail Option.

In order to access this feature, you will need to login to your User Control Panel and click on the Private Messaging icon that is circled in this image:

When you click on the Private Messaging icon, you will see text like this:

My Settings

The first thing you should do, is go to the "My Settings", and choose how you want to receive your messages. This is where you will see something like this:  

Accept private messages: If you prefer to not receive private messages from our Users, please select 'No' from the options provided.
E-mail notifications: If you would like us to email you when a new private message for you is received, please select 'Yes' for this option.
Panel notifications: If you would like us to post a message to your User Control Panel when a new private message is received, please select 'Yes' to this option.

Choose the settings you want and then click on Update Settings. The little If you would like us to post a message to your User Control Panel when a new private message is received, please select 'Yes' to this option. has more information about each choice option. 

Send a message

This is where you use the "Username" of the recipient. It can most commonly be found at the beginning or end of a listing, forum or article as "Posted by..." or "Submitted by...", or something similar. It will also be in bold lettering, as you can see in this Scraboku graphic example from the Forums.

You will need to know the username of the person for which you intend to send a message. If you are unsure what the correct username is, please contact our site administrator for assistance.

Now when you click on the "Send Message", you will see this:

Let's say you want to send a "Private Message" to the username of "Scraboku" and use one of the "Smilies" such as the applause  in the message. The graphic itself will not appear at this time, but instead you will see the graphic code for that smilie. This is how it would appear in the message:

Asyou can see, it is just all text and then when you click on the "Send message", the graphic will automatically appear for the recipient.

Then when the recipient looks at his/her messages, this is what will be seen:

On the right side of the screen there are a variety of Smilies that you can choose from to add to your message. You don't need to figure out what each code is, just click on the image you want to add and it will automatically put that code in there for you. 

If you have any questions, please  contact us!

Important Private Messaging Note

As with most Internet features that allow users to email or post messages, this feature may be abused from time to time by some unscrupulous users who choose to use this Private Messaging service for spamming or other undesirable purposes. If this happens to you, please let us know immediately.

However, if you are the one doing this spamming or are causing harm to another user, YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED OR BLOCKED from using our website!!! Any and all complaints that we receive will be investigated.

Remember to ALWAYS be courteous, thoughtful & respectful towards all users of this service.

Copyright 2018, FallonFun.com

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