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U.G. - Find a Friend

 User's Guide - Find a Friend

On our website, you are going to meet a lot of interesting people who are also making all kinds of different listings. We wanted to have a way for you to get to know each other, plus possibly find the love of your life or at least a really great friend. We call it " Find a Friend" instead of a dating service, because we know that "Best friends make the best marriages." So when you are already married, you can also use it as a Find a PenPal.

In order to add a listing to the Find a Friend service, which by the way is totally FREE, you will need to login to your User Control Panel and click on the icon that is circled in this image:

After clicking on the Find a Friend icon, you will see a simple profile form consisting of an: 

About me section consists of:

  • Personal headline...Although you can probably fit up to 255 characters in this field, it would be better to keep it short to something that will attract others to want to read more. Please don't use any vulgar context. This service is not intended for people from the land of Vulgaria!
  • Name...This can be your Username that you used in your Account setup or some other clever name, like a nickname. It is not advisable to use your real name until you get to know the person with whom you are communicating.
  • About me...This is where you talk about yourself, what are some of the things you enjoy doing, as well as what you are looking for in a friend or penpal. Although the "Likes, Dislikes, and No Preference" section has quite a few things in it, you can certainly add anything we missed in here, as well as expand on your thoughts about any of the categories. You can also add where you enjoy doing that specific thing, such as,"I enjoy picnics on the beach."
  • Gender...This is who you are: Male, Female, Unspecified
  • Height...In this field, you can either put how tall you are or put something like, "I'll tell you later."
  • Birthdate...I know some people don't like to put their birthdate, but it does help when you are looking for someone that is close to your age. Also, if you are into astrological signs, it can help a person find out if your signs are compatible. The age limit for this is 18. Sorry kids, younger than 18, our "Find a Friend" is for adults ONLY!
  • Hair color...Unspecified, Black, Brown, Blonde, Auburn, Red, Gray, White, Other
  • Eye color...Unspecified, Amber, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel, Red, Violet, Other
  • Occupation...This field also holds up to 255 characters. That means you can put what you do for a living along with a short description, or you can put some of the occupational types of things that you are talented in doing. You never know when you might find someone that enjoys doing the same kind of work.
  • Education...You have a choice of putting Unspecified (if you don't want to mention it) or your achieved education: Some high school, High school, Some college, College diploma, Some university or University degree.
  • City...In this field, you can either put the city you live in or your current location, such as when you are on a vacation.
  • State...It would be best in this field for everybody to use the same format and spell out the state name, instead of putting the state's abbreviation or the two letter postal code. Like the city, this can be changed to where you are living or vacationing.
  • Zip Code...In this field, just put the five digits and not the postal mail extension like this...12345-7890. When you are vacationing, you can probably leave it blank.
  • Relationship status....This is your current relationship status whether it is:  Unspecified, Single, Married, Divorced, or Widowed.

The next part has to do with what type of relationship you are seeking:

  • Looking for...Unspecified, Friend, Marriage, Relationship, Romance, or Sports partner
  • Between the age of...This field you can either leave blank or choose to put youngest acceptable age to oldest acceptable age. Also, this can't be less than 18.
  • Gender...This is who you want to get to know: Male, Female, Unspecified
  • YouTube URL...YouTube is a popular online video sharing service which allows you to upload a video and share it with the world, for free. After you've uploaded your video to YouTube, you can enter its URL here to embed the video into your "Find a Friend" listing. For instructions on uploading your video to YouTube,  click here.

Likes and Dislikes

This section is a list of things you may specify whether you like, dislike or have no preference.


If you wish to upload photos for your profile, you may choose up to 25 images to upload. Please don't add any photos that have nudity or vulgar gestures.

Note: Valid image files include JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), and PNG (.png) images. Other types of files such as PDF and PPT files are not images, and cannot be accepted. Images MUST be under 341.8 KB. 


This is where you can choose the duration of your profile:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 1 year
  • Indefinitely.

After you fill in the fields, click on "Submit Profile".

Then you will be able to go to the Navigation panel on the left and click on the   Find a Friend to find somebody. You will notice it automatically puts in the zip code that you used in making the listing. Of course, you can change this when you go on a vacation and you are looking for someone to hang out with that is in your vacation area zip code.

When you are done with your form and go to the "Find a Friend/Penpal" page to look for someone, you will see a short fill-in form that looks similar to this:

We hope you enjoy our "Find a Friend/Penpal" service a pleasure to use and let all of your family and friends know about our service using our   Refer a Friend. If you have questions or need your Find a Friend profile deleted, please   contact us.

Copyright 2018, FallonFun.com

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