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Scraboku FAQ

Welcome to Scraboku!

Click Here if you would like to learn more about how Scraboku got started.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions
that will help you get more familiar with Scraboku


  •  What are the qualifications of making a Scraboku puzzle? [  Top]

In order for Scraboku to meet your needs, the word that you want to use must be:

1. Must be nine letters or less.

2. It can contain no more than 4 even letters and 5 odd letters.
The odd letters are: A, C, E, G, I, K, M, O, Q, S, U, W, Y.
The even letters are B, D, F, H, J, L, N, P, R, T, V, X, Z.

3. As a general rule: Three, four & five letter words have usually been easy to create. Six letter words get a bit more complicated, but usually work. Seven letters gets challenging. Eight is very difficult, a lot of times, I feel fortunate when I succeed. Nine letters are few and far between, they usually work better as a two or three word phrase like: "Family Fun" or "Cat and Dog".

4. Just Remember: I reserve the right to not make any Scraboku puzzle that contains profanity, death threats, etc. When I find a puzzle offensive, then I know others will find it offensive too and that is an unacceptable puzzle to be advertising.

  • What purpose does Scraboku serve? [  Top]

1. It can serve many purposes, such as: business advertising, product introduction, school related subjects, and much more.

2. Since Scraboku is part Scrabble and part Sudoku, it really gets the mind thinking logically and the more you work your mind, the better it works for other things. It can also make a person more curious about some of the words that are hidden in a puzzle. I often find myself asking, "Could that be a word or could it be from a different language and what does it mean?" I use the Google Translator to help learn what a word means in a different language. So it can definitely help raise a person's I.Q.

3. It also has the ability to keep your children entertained while you are driving long distances, which helps you concentrate on the matter of driving.

4. A lot of times, I have found that some of the puzzles are rather humorous in the words that I end up finding and don't expect them to be there. It's always a mystery and lots of fun!

  • Can Scraboku be used to teach math? [  Top]

Yes, it can! It can be used to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions  and even algebra. Just so long as the answer is not a fraction. It can also teach how to add time, as in seconds, minutes and hours, as well as days, weeks, and months. I have even made some puzzles that teach about adding up money. It would take some work, but it is possible to even teach thought questions, just so long as the final answer is a whole number. For example, you could use this problem: 4 quarters + 2 dimes + 3 pennies = ?.  The answer would be $1.23. So you remove the decimal and you would end up with S = 123. See the Scraboku Letter Code list and you will see how I get the letter "S".

  • Can Scraboku be used to learn foreign languages? [  Top]

Many foreign words can be created with Scraboku. In the PDF puzzles, you will see that I put the foreign word and also the translation, as well as what country uses that word and what it means in English. However, there are bound to be words that I've missed. Please understand that I don't claim to be an expert on foreign languages. Some languages are not compatible with Scraboku, because they use symbols instead of letters.

  • How can Scraboku help my business? [  Top]

If your business name is short, then I can more than likely make a puzzle for you. Even if your business name is long, I can either use your name or do one for the type of service you provide, for example: Hair Salon, Casino, Dog Groomer, Yard Care, or even Car Wash. Those are just a few of the puzzles I can make for you. The other option is to do one of the business owner's name.

  • Can Scraboku be used to advertise my products or my website? [ Top]

There are many products that can be made into a Scraboku puzzle or the service that your product provides. Just so long it as meets the qualifications. Sometimes you can bend the word. I can make it go vertically so far, then make it go horizontally. It's kind of goofy, but it works.

  • Can Scraboku help promote people on Facebook or Twitter? [ Top]

Yes! There are a lot of names that can be made into Scraboku puzzles. Please use the contact us or you can use the "Private Messaging" in your Control Panel. Address your question to the username of "admin".

  • Can Scraboku help promote something like a book or poem? [  Top]

Yes, if it is a short title or I could do one for the name of the main character. You could also send me a short synopsis of your story and I can add it to PDF puzzle doc and it has a link to your product on Amazon or wherever it is located. When it is a poem, as in part of a series of poems, then I can add that poem under the puzzle.

  • How much do the Scraboku puzzles cost the public to buy? [  Top]

It takes time and a lot of thinking to make these puzzles, and by all rights, I could easily charge a much higher cost, but I really enjoy making these puzzles and also helping everybody understand the game of Sudoku. Once you buy your puzzle, you will be able to save the PDF file to your computer and print it as often as you need for yourself, your kids, or even a contest party to see who can finish it the fastest. Each PDF set of puzzles has seven different levels of difficulty ranging from the most simple to expert level. Click here to see an example of these different levels. This way everybody can enjoy this game, even someone who has never played Sudoku in their entire life. These puzzles take time to make, so I am only charging you 25¢ per puzzle, plus one FREE! There is a whole lot fun for ONLY $1.50 for each set.

  • Can the Scraboku puzzles be used for a group of people as a party game? [  Top]

That is a great idea! Once you have paid for it and download it to your computer, you can print as many copies as you need for your party. I will be adding several new games and they will be made in a variety of ways. I hope you have a great time and a very successful party!

  • How much does it cost for a business to have a Scraboku puzzle custom made? [ Top]

That depends on how many puzzles you want made for your company and whether you will need me to make a page for you to hold all of them or if you just want the link in your business listing to go to your puzzle. You can only have one link to your PDF puzzle from your business listing, but you can request a puzzle page for all of your puzzles. Then I will set your business link to your page of puzzles and then from there, I will put a link to go back to your business listing and to your website and to whatever else you need. As a general rule, I feel that $10.00 per puzzle for my time would be a fair price. The puzzles that I make for your company will be free to the public. I can also add your logo to those puzzles. If you need me to make you a logo, I can do that, also.

Please help spread the word about Scraboku and how much fun it is to play. I look forward to helping you advertise your business. You are also welcome to add your business to our website in our Business Directory. Please take some time to check out all of our services by visiting our "User Guide Helper".

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