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Burning Man Puzzles

Welcome to Scraboku!
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See   Scraboku's Home Page to see how Scrabble and Sudoku come together.
Scraboku is so cool, it can even help advertise big events such as "Burning Man".

Click here to read the true story of how Scraboku got started.

Every year, thousands of people enjoy being part of Burning Man, out at the Black Rock Desert. These puzzles were made to extend the fun year round. Using the simple code of A = 1 and B = 2 and so forth, clear up through all of the three digit numbers. These puzzles actually spell the words "Go Burning Man" in them, as well as some other words from foreign language, along with a translation with what they mean in English according to the Google Translator. The words can appear horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward & backward. You just never know what words you will discover or how much your knowledge will grow when you play Scraboku! You could say this version is a Burning Man's Sudoku adventure.

Note: Once you buy your puzzle, you will be able to save the PDF file to your computer and print it as often as you need for yourself, your kids, or even a contest party to see who can finish it the fastest. Each PDF set of puzzles has seven different levels of difficulty ranging from the most simple to expert level. The graphic below has an example of these different levels. This way everybody can enjoy this game, even someone who has never played Sudoku in their entire life. These puzzles take time to make, so I am only charging you 25¢ per puzzle, plus one FREE!

Here is an example of a puzzle with part of the letters. Just click on the image to see the actual game and the letters used to solve the rest of the puzzle. Scraboku likes to believe that "PDF" should stand for Puzzles Do Fascinate!

 Click on this graphic to see the PDF puzzle.

Go Burning Man Puzzles 01 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 02 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 03 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 04 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 05 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 06 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 07 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 08 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 09 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 10 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 11 $1.50
Go Burning Man Puzzles 12 $1.50

People who enjoy going to Burning Man are called "Burners".
These following puzzles were made in their honor!

Burners Puzzles 01 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 02 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 03 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 04 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 05 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 06 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 07 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 08 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 09 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 10 $1.50
Burners Puzzles 11 $1.50

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